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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Accusculpt Bangkok – Target the Fat Cells Area!

The Accusculpt is an effective and best treatment process visible positive result after the two weeks the density slightly raised on the treated area. Eliminating the amount of fat carries the place through the 3 to 6 months along with the shrinking of the skin cause by the production of the collagen. So, to draw full advantage of its effectiveness and it is essential to pursue a diet suitable.

How does Accusculpt work?

The surgeons can be used a laser fiber inserted under the skin, the physicians first melts the fact to be removed then suctions it out. The melted fat is easier to suction out than solid fat, enabling quicker recovery for the patient. This procedure only target the fat cells and producing less scattering and less collateral heat to surrounding tissue. ACCUSCULPT is the effective treatment with the visible results after 2 weeks when compression raised on treated area is been removed. Also, reducing amount of the fat happens throughout 3 to 6 months all along with shrinking of skin that is caused by production of the collagen. In order, to take complete benefit of the effectiveness it is necessary to follow the diet suitable.

In order, to maintain the long beauty found body covered by skin firmer, then it is essential, the proper diet & healthy lifestyle. Laser assisted hypodermic adipocytolyse is the technique, which generally gets rid of the cellulite & localized fatty deposits. Also, it is practiced for ten years in world and adipocytolyse “ACCUSCULPT” has also proved lack of the side effects.

This is elegant method, as some traumatic, and allowing the outpatient treatment (and no capitalization, stoppage of work, pain, and bruising).

ACCUSCULPT is the appropriate treatment for following areas:

Belly, chin, interior & outer thighs, arms, buttocks love handles, ankles, knees, pleats bra, lipomas, male breast as well as in few cases, nasolabial -labial folds, fat pockets under eyes, jowls, as well as oval face with the lifting effect.

The technique is mainly appropriate for the areas where “fat pocket” for removing any of the undesirable just by retracting skin to prevent the skin effect shield: and double chin, hips (saddlebags), oval face, upper arms, ankles. You may as well use treating the ACCUSCULPT excessive underarm sweating.

Benefits of Laser Assited Lipolysus AccuSculpt

Laser assisted lipolysis is method of the new generation elegant however doesn’t replace the liposuction for the large volumes. Also it is minimally invasive technique will successfully treat areas fibrous (the cellulitis of “jodhpurs” & waves, which persist after some cellulite liposuction, the scars adherent) as well as sensitive areas that are covered by thin fat layer & not very easily accessible by the traditional methods (arms, face, upper abdomen, forearms, knees as well as ankles at a risk of bleeding).


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