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ACL Knee Surgery Bangkok – A Quick Recovery Process?

How much time the ACL Knee Surgery required?

The whole process of ACL Knee Surgery will take a period of 10 days to complete. On your starting day, you must take rest from a long journeying and the surgery has on the next day. Usually, ACL Knee Surgery for each part needs 2-3 nights to stay in the hospital. Then after 7 days of the surgery check up will be done.

How is the surgery will performed?

ACL Knee Surgery could need graft replace of the torn ligament. Graft could be in use from patient’s kneecap or any other areas. It is performed through an arthroscope by just a small incision. The incision is stopped up through sutures, staples, or metal pins, and bandage is used.

Things to remember

It is not the preferred injury and nobody want to tear ACL and in case, that happened to you, then I offer you sincere sympathy. In case, it happened to somebody you care for, then please realize this is the hard time for him or her. But, it is not the death sentence! Reread above: 98% return to the sports! New procedures (for surgery and rehabilitation) are making the dramatic improvements in ability to recover from injury. In case, you listen to doctor & do rehab, odds are you can make that back. But, be forewarned, and it cannot be fun experience.


Almost all the ACL injuries are been caused by the severe trauma (either sharp cut, fall, and twist) of knee. This happens while you go way & your knee (due to somebody falling on that) goes other way. This said, few people appear more prone to injury. The research in causes of the ACL tears suggest small area between bones of knee (small notch) is strong predictor of injury, however this said that there appears little, which is done to prevent injury from happening. Additionally there is the evidence that the females are more prone to injury . And this is because of angle of knee, the improper technique, or undeveloped quadricep muscles . Also, for this particular reason, I will urge all the athletes to strengthen quads in way to reduce the risk.

After Injury

When you know that you damaged knee, you might not know severity. Thus, you may have to go to doctor. My advice (indeed in all the areas of injury) is getting the good doctor. Ask over. Go to the local gyms, races, and local sports teams or ask who is best at the knee surgery.

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