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Arthroscopy Knee Thailand – Guide through Television Monitor!

What is arthroscopy knee surgery?

Arthroscopy knee is advanced process performed by the tiny incisions in skin to repair injure tissue like cartilage, ligaments as well as the others bone in knee joint area. The entire process are solve by using arthroscopy that small instruments much helpful the surgeons by provide entire picture of the knee area. Due to this helping tool the surgeons are easily handle the process. It is installing by three incisions in the knee area to judge the proper area. The bone surface are smoothing and flushing the surgeons through the arthroscopy. It is very critical process, so aftercare much required for quick recovery. These types of process easily available in the Thai reason, so the process known as arthroscopy knee Thailand.

What is Arthroscopy & how it is useful to repair anterior cruciate ligament injuries to knee?

In the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, doctor will make use of the fine instruments that are all passed in joint through arthroscope and in knee to reconstruct the torn ligaments. The anterior cruciate ligament injury is been caused by the extreme stretching & tearing of anterior cruciate ligament in knee. The arthroscope is like thin telescope with light source that is used to magnify structures inside knee and allowing evaluation & treatment.

How it is done?

The ACL reconstruction normally, takes one & two hours as well as is done under the general anesthesia that means you can sleep through surgery, and spinal block. Patients will have the differing diagnoses & pre-existing states. The surgeries differ widely & are all patient specific. Most common method of the ACL repair uses segment of tendon that is then removed & grafted in same position as damaged ACL. Three to five inch of incision is also made in knee to harvest ligament graft. Rest of operation is performed arthroscopically. Old ACL tissue is then removed and new tendon is then pinned in proper place.

Why it is done?

The anterior cruciate ligament injuries don’t heal themselves. The arthroscopic ACL reconstruction that allows for minimally invasive treatment that will restore the secure motion of knee with the minimum amount of the time that is needed for the recovery.

Risks and complications

Though rare, complications happen during and following arthroscopy and they include possibility of:

– The accidental damage for structures inside and near joint

– The excessive bleeding in joint that will cause you pain and swelling

– Infection within joint

– Reaction to anesthesia

Risks are reduced following surgeon’s instructions before & after the surgery.

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