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Arthroscopy Shoulder Bangkok – Best Guider of Surgical Process!

Why the arthroscopy shoulder Bangkok required?

Arthroscopy shoulder is advanced process that never required any types of major cutting at the time of surgery. It is performed by the little incision in the shoulder area that provides complete picture injury on the television monitor. The monitor guide surgeons, so they can handle it smoothly without any complication. With the help of advanced equipments the surgeons focus on the particular injury area.

All the above things are properly in case of well skilled surgeons because in most of the cases patients faced many critical problems due to non skill surgeons. But in case of Bangkok hospitals the patients are never face such types of problems only advanced surgical equipments as well as for world class surgeons.

How it is done?

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair normally, takes one & two hours and it generally get performed under the general anesthesia that means you can sleep through surgery. The arthroscope is like thin telescope with light source that is used to magnify structures inside injured area of shoulder and allowing the evaluation & treatment. After evaluating shoulder joint making use of arthroscopic camera, surgeon will introduce the surgical instruments through some small incisions in skin surrounding shoulder to clean the damaged tissue, remove the bone spurs, as well as reattach the damaged tendons to bones where they already have torn off. The patients undergoing the arthroscopic surgery will have differing diagnoses & pre-existing conditions. The surgeries differ widely & are all patient specific.

Why it is done?

The rotator cuff repair relieves the shoulder pain that is caused by the bone spurs, torn ligaments, and inflammation around rotator cuff.

Risks and complications

Though rare, the complications do happen during and following arthroscopy and they include possibility of:

– the accidental damage to the structures in and near to joint

– Nerve injury

– And excessive bleeding inside joint that will cause you swelling & pain

– Infection in a joint

– Reaction to the anesthesia

Risks are reduced just by following surgeon’s instructions before & after the surgery.


Surgeon might discuss the alternative approaches to the arthroscopic surgery. The cortisone injections & physical therapy are recommended. The alternative surgical methods well known as the ‘open’ & ‘mini open’ surgical repair is indicated in the cases where the arthroscopic surgery is not at all viable.

Candidate eligibility

Best candidates for the arthroscopic rotator cuff are the healthy adults without any previous surgeries and scarring in area to be treated. Surgeon can make final determination of every patient’s eligibility for procedure after the examination & consultation with patient.


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