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Bilateral Herniotomy Bangkok – Take Care of Your Child!

What is the bilateral herniotomy?

It is series of inguinal exploration performed upon 164 infants and Childs where they admitted with a unilateral hernia or underwent bilateral herniotomy is represented. This technique of inguinal exploration is extracting the main problem of hernia. There are sixty percent of the patients have a potential hernia or hydrocele on the unsuspected side.

This bilateral herniotomy performed upon otherwise healthy infants and children with unilateral hernia and hydrocele, irrespective of age and sex, family history of hernia, history of prematurity. Its have a cord was relatively useless in predicting the presence or absence of an occult hernia. This type of incidence can positive explorations seemed higher level in females. Often, this series is too small to be of statistical significance. The series of the inguinal explorations done on 164 infants & kids who were admitted with the unilateral hernia and hydrocele or underwent the bilateral herniotomy is there.

Technic of the inguinal exploration is been described.

Around 60 per cent of explored patients had the patent processus vaginalis (that is potential hernia and hydrocele) on unsuspected side.

Total incidence of the positive explorations that are appeared to be same irrespective of the family history of the hernia, history of prematurity and side explored.

Incidence of the positive explorations appeared higher in the females (that is 80 per cent). But, series is very small to be of the statistical significance in this respect.

Palpation of cord was useless in predicting presence or else absence of the occult hernia.

Bilateral herniotomy done on otherwise healthy infants & kids with the unilateral hernia and hydrocele, irrespective of sex, age, family history of the hernia, history of the prematurity and side involved, is been justified. The unilateral herniotomy was done in 72 patients & bilateral herniotomy in around 16 others. Mean duration of the surgery in the patients with the unilateral hernias was around 41.0 minutes whereas mean duration of the surgery in those with the bilateral hernias was around 58.0 minutes. In all, trainee surgeons that are operated at 82 kids, whereas consultant surgeons that are operated on remaining six.

Overall morbidity was slight & no mortality was been recorded in series and no patient needed any readmission after the discharge. And no recurrence of the inguinal hernia was seen in study throughout period of the follow up. Also, there were 5 cases of the wound infections giving infection rate of around 4.8% Wound infections were minor & responded readily to the removal of the subcuticular stitch & wound dressing.

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