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Bilateral Orchidopexy Bangkok – Youngsters Can Rectify Their Problem!


The bilateral orchidopexy is a process in which a surgeon fastens an undescended testicle interior the scrotum, usually with absorbable sutures. However, it is done most in male infants or very youngster to rectify cryptorchidism, which is the hospital term for undescended testicle. The bilateral orchidopexy is also occasionally performed in adolescents or adults; many include one or both testicle. In youngsters bilateral orchidopexy is most often done to treat testicular torsion in which the urologic emergency out coming from the testicle’s twisting nearby the spermatic cord and losing its blood supply.

What is the purpose of this procedure?

  • To reduce the risk if infertility
  • To eliminate the risk of testicular cancer
  • To worse the risk of traumatic injury to the testicle

Effects of Orchidopexy

Reducing the malignant potential and increasing fertility are not compelling reasons for the orchidopexy. The procedure results in reduction of risk of trauma & torsion. It as well improves recognition of the malignancy in case, it does happen.

Candidates for the Orchidopexy

Patients with the undescended testicles should have the monthly examination throughout life to identify possibility of the tumor development. Also, there is 30- to 50 fold higher rate of the testicular cancer in people with the undescended testes than people whose testicular development is very normal.


Six hours before procedure, patient is now no longer allowed to drink or eat anything, even sip of water. Stomach should be empty to make sure safe administration of anesthetic. In an event that patient gets cold, and it is very important to inform doctor as operation might have to get postponed. Patient should overcome cold first prior to undergoing procedure as having the anesthetic can make cold in the serious infection in chest.

ENsure that all the medicines, which includes tablets & inhalers that patient is making use of must get sorted & placed in original packets or else boxes. These medications must get brought to hospital. When there, patient are checked for the past illnesses & undergo the special tests to be totally positive that patient is set & that we will safely proceed with surgery. At present time, most of the hospitals have the preadmission clinic where patient will visit & have checks one week or so prior to undergoing operation.

Orchidopexy Procedure

Procedure is done under the general anesthesia so patient is totally asleep. Cut is then made overlying groin and inguinal area. At times, there is small hernia there next to testicle that is the weak spot and gap in muscles in front of tummy. And this is fixed & closed with the sutures.

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