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Bone Marrow Transplantation Bangkok – Cure Your Problematic Tissue!


The bone marrow is the flexible tissue found in the hollow inside of bones. In organs, marrow in widest bones producers new blood cells. It is constitutes 4% of the total body weight of human, that means approximately 2.6kg in adults. The bone marrow also prohibits the backflow of lymph, working as a vital part of the lymphatic system.

Why the process performed?

The bone marrow introduces stem cells. These cells eventually develop into blood cells. The bone marrow is a critical part of the body because it is the organ’s main blood cell factory. If something is fatal with the marrow, a person can be become very ill, even die. It can be treated or even cure the disease.   The bone marrow, sponge like tissue found in center of some bones, has stem cells, which are precursors of red blood cells, white blood cells, as well as platelets. The blood cells are important for the normal body functions. The blood cells have limited life span & are being replaced constantly; and thus, healthy stem cells are important.

In the association with some diseases, the stem cells might make too many, few, and otherwise the abnormal blood cells. As well, the medical treatments, mainly chemotherapy and radiation treatment, might destroy the stem cells and alter the blood cell production. Resultant blood cell abnormalities is life threatening.

How it is done?

The bone marrow transplantation that involves extracting the bone marrow from healthy donor or transferring that to recipient whose body can’t make right quantities of the normal blood cells. Goal of transplant is rebuilding therecipient’s blood cells & immune system as well as cure underlying disease. The ailments, which might get treated with bone marrow transplant that include cancerous & noncancerous diseases.

Cancer might not specifically involve the blood cells, however cancer treatment will destroy body’s ability to make the new blood cells. The bone marrow transplantation are used in the conjunction with the additional treatments, like chemotherapy, for different kinds of the leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, breast & ovarian cancer. The noncancerous diseases for which the bone marrow transplantation is the treatment choice that include aplastic anemia, the sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, as well as severe immunodeficiency.

What are the risks?

The bone marrow transplants are been accompanied by risk of the infection, and transplant rejection by recipient’s immune system, as well as other complications. Procedure has lower success rate greater recipient’s age. The complications are likely in the people whose health is impaired. Even in absence of the complications, transplant & associated treatments are very hard on recipient. Person’s ability to withstand rigors of transplant is key consideration in deciding use the treatment.

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