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Caecarian Section Delivery Bangkok – Change Your Notion for the Surgery!

What is caecarian section delivery?

The caecarian section is the delivery of a baby through a cut in the mother’s lower abdomen and the uterus. Over the centuries, these operations have tons of risk. At present, it is one of the most commonly performed surgeries across the world. The caecarian deliveries are more frequently most surgeries like gallbladder removal, hysterectomy, and tonsillectomy due to many factors.

What are the Procedures?

The caecarian section may be a disaster process or an elective and so planned procedure.

The preparation for the surgery may be done in the labor room. It involves putting a catheter into your bladder to drain urine, and an intravenous line into a vein in the patient hand or arm to offer the patient body fluids. Cesarean section surgery rate tops over 31% of all the births in Thailand. Here you will see that mother is draped with the sterile drapes & is in operating room when they make an initial incision in her abdomen. Also, there are the multiple layers that surgeon should go through prior to reaching a baby. All in all from start of the surgery, until birth of the baby is around 5 to 10 minutes. Doctor can use the combination of the sharp instruments & blunt dissection as she or he goes through every layer. You might as well hear whirring noises as machine is been used to caterize or else burn the small blood vessels for preventing bleeding. When doctor reaches uterus, you will as well hear suctioning. And after cutting through uterus, amniotic fluid is suctioned away to make more room in uterus for doctor’s hands and instruments like forceps or vacuum extractor.

Also, your baby is generally engaged in pelvis, generally head down, maybe rear first and breech. Whatever part has been entered pelvis is lifted out by doctors. You might feel pressure at point & few women report feeling very nauseated during intense, however brief moment. When, head is out, doctor can suction baby’s nose & mouth for the fluids. In vaginal birth these are generally squeezed out by the labor & birth. In cesarean birth, baby requires a few additional help getting rid of the fluids. In case, meconium is there that there are additional suctioning required. When baby is well suctioned, doctor can begin to help rest of body to be born. She or he can check of the umbilical cord entaglement and other complications as body is born. Also, you might have assistant surgeon that is pressing on upper part of the abdomen of fundus to help in birth.

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