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Clitoral Hood Reduction Thailand – Provide Much Boost to Sexual Relationship!

What is clitoral hood reduction?

It is a surgical procedure to eliminate the size of the clitoral hood. The clitoral hood reduction is performed most often as part a Labiaplasty. There are such doctors referred against clitoral hood reduction as part of Labiaplasty. The object of clitoral hood reduction may be to contribute to overall goal of Labiaplasty: to enhance the aesthetic and functional nature of the labia minora. This clitoral hood reduction is performed to allow greater discloser of the glans clitoris during the stimulation with the object of improving a women’s sexual experience, involving the like hood or orgasm.

What are the techniques?

 It is an integral part of the wedge resection Labiaplasty technique. In most of the cases, the addition of the exterior wedge sections is used to achieve clitoral hood reduction. The Hoodectomy, as well known as the Clitoridotomy, involves surgical removal and splitting of protective fold of the skin, which surrounds the clitoris.

What is my clitoris & where it is?

 Clitoris looks like small bud at top end of vaginal opening and it must get pointed out, which outwardly women’s genitalia look same. On the closer examination each woman has various sized parts of vagina. Also, your vagina & the clitoris is protected by 2 flaps of skin, which look like lips, named labia majora.

What does surgery involve?

It is in fact, same to circumcision of male penis and like penis clitoris has the hood that will prevent needed sensitivity in the sexual intercourse. The operation is very delicate and gynaecologist performing that is expert with the great deal of experience. It is essential as clitoris has nerve endings in that than in all tissues surrounding that. Hood is partially removed and split to allow clitoris freedom to enlarge while you feel aroused. Procedure is done with the laser.

Types Of the Clitoral Surgery

There are 3 main groups of the plastic clitoral procedures :

Clitorectomy and Clitoral Amputation

The operation removes all that is seen of clitoris (that is, all of glans clitoris), as well as generally involves dissection & partial removal of corpora. Often prepuce & clitoral hood will get removed and used for the reconstruction elsewhere. Also, it is believed that this procedure is rarely done in although and no data are accessible.

Clitoral Recession

In the procedure, none of clitoral structures are removed, in place, clitoral structures are been dissected out and folded up & moved in entirety, backwards under symphysis pubis. As in clitoral reduction treatment, bilateral dorsal clitoral nerves keep the connection to clitoral glans. The procedure was found causing pain on the clitoral engorgement & again it is presumed the procedure is no longer done.

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