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Cystocele Repair Thailand /Bladder Repair Thailand (Anterior Vaginal Repair with Mesh) – Avoid the Vaginal Issues!


Object of cystocele repair is to relive a patient’s symptoms, to enhance or maintain urinary and sexual functions, to return pelvic structures to their original position, and to avoid the formation of new defects. The anatomical structures includes in a cystoscle may be approached vaginally, abdominally, lararoscopically.

After care of this procedure!

The Foley catheter may remain one to two days after the surgery. The tolerant is given a liquid diet in anticipation of normal bowel function returns. The patients are instructed to prevent activities for several weeks that cause on the surgical site; these are including lifting, coughing, long periods, of standing, straining and sexual intercourse.

What are the possible risks?

It include potential complications together with anesthesia, infection, bleeding, injury to there pelvic structures and failure to correct the defect.

What is the cystocele?

The cystocele is prolapse of bladder in vagina.

* Walls of vagina have the elasticity to facilitate the intercourse & childbirth.

* If support is weakened then cystocele might develop.

* Prolapse might involve uterus that descends in vagina and might eventually protrude from vaginal opening.

* Concept that all the vaginal prolapses relate to uterus is totally incorrect.

* At times it is front and back walls of vagina that are bulging with the associated distortion of bladder and rectum.

* In case, you had the hysterectomy vault of vault (top) of vagina will prolapse.

* At times bowel might prolapse under posterior wall of vagina.

What are symptoms that are associated with the cystocele?

Generally, there a feeling of ‘something that is coming down? And vaginal discomfort. Few women are also aware of the dragging ache in pelvis. Degree of the cystocele doesn’t essentially match severity of the symptoms you might experience. At times we find marked cystocele but patient has got no symptoms. Some other women report severe symptoms though there are just minimal prolapse. Most of the backaches are because of problems in back, though, on occasion, and repair of cystocele might give a few relief. In case, there is cystocoele there are bladder symptoms.

What can be cause of the cystocele?

Cystocele is generally seen in women who had kids delivered vaginally and it is not usual seeing the prolapse in ladies who have not had kids. Vaginal delivery of the large baby is mainly likely to weaken vaginal supports, also there is likelihood of prolapse in case, you have the large family. After menopause, reduced levels of the oestrogens might weaken vaginal support. The overweight women are stretching vaginal support and their backs & joints.

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