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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Excision breast mass Bangkok – Unbelievable Result!

Why the procedure is performed?

Excision breast mass is performed to diagnose or to treat an abnormal spot in the breast. Before a lumpectomy, the patient’s experts will have done a needle biopsy and imaging tests to watch if you have the barest cancer. In case a needle biopsy showed that you have a breast cancer, your surgeons will have you take more tests to make sure if the cancer has spread.

The procedure fully depend on the type of cancer, in case the cancer has spread, and to where young age, whether you has reached menopause, and your overall health. For some one suffered from the breast cancer, it may be better treatment for rectify your problem in well.

Definition of the excision breast mass:

Excision breast mass is the surgery to remove lump in breast & a few surrounding tissue from breast.


The excision breast mass removal is generally done in the outpatient clinic. You are given general anesthesia and local anesthesia. Procedure takes 1 – 2 hours.

Surgeon makes small incision on the breast and surgeon after that removes some of lump & breast tissue around that.

* In case, lump is not the breast cancer, surgeon cannot remove much breast tissue from over lump.

* In case, you have the breast cancer, amount of the breast tissue around lump surgeon removes might depend on what kind of the breast cancer that you have.

* Surgeon can close skin with stitches and these might dissolve or else need being removed later. The drain tube is placed to remove an excess fluid.

Your doctor can send lump to laboratory for testing.

In case, you have lump with the breast cancer in it, then your surgeon can remove the lymph nodes in axilla (armpit). This is done through other surgical cut underneath arm. Lymph nodes can get tested for cancer and this is named staging. Staging helps doctor to plan the treatment.

Why Procedure Is Done:

Lumpectomy is done to diagnose or else treat the abnormal spot in breast. Before the lumpectomy, doctor can have done needle biopsy & imaging tests (like mammography) to see in case, you have the breast cancer. In cas,e the needle biopsy showed you have the breast cancer, then your doctor may need you to take more of tests to see in case, cancer has spread.

Treatment generally depends on type of the breast cancer, in case, cancer has spread, to where, age, no matter whether you have reached the menopause, and overall health.

For a few breast cancer, the mastectomy is better treatment and for some other breast cancer, the lumpectomy might treat cancer. Your doctor can help you to choose what treatment is good for you.

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