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Excision of Endometriosis Bangkok – Best in Surgical Procedure!

What are the surgical techniques?

Bottomless fibrotic excision of endometriosis including the cul de sac needs excision of white fibronodular tissue from the uterosacral ligaments, posterior cervix, posterior vagina, and the anterior rectum. Commonly, the sigmoid colon, its mesocolon and the lateral rectum are included.

What is the clinical symptoms and diagnosis?

 The most common symptom for the excision of endometriosis diagnosis is pelvic pain. And the most common sign is pelvic tenderness. The tenderness is usually more severe on one side and however radiates to back and legs. The pain must be represented throughout the menstrual cycle but especially during the menses. The tenderness can be serving enough that the patients are refectory to conventional medical therapy. Now, this procedure is most important for both men and women for rectify their problem. The surgical treatment for the endometriosis is generally carried out in following situations: At a time of the diagnosis for mild and moderate endometriosis

-In case, the medical treatment has not worked

– In case, subfertility is the problem

– In case, there is the moderate to the severe endometriosis, mainly with the endometriomas

– When the endometriosis recurs

The surgery will either get conservative and radical and aim of the conservative surgery is returning appearance of pelvis to normal.
It means destroying endometriotic deposits, and removing the ovarian cysts, dividing adhesions & removing healthy tissue if possible. The radical surgery means doing hysterectomy with the removal of ovaries & is been reserved for the women with severe symptoms, and who haven’t responded to the medical treatment and conservative operations. At times, in case, there are some other reasons to carry hysterectomy and it is done before this.

Treatment at Time of Diagnosis

The approach is fast becoming the standard practice in management of the endometriosis. It is carried out where endometriosis discovered is the mild to moderate as well as extra time that is required to do surgery can get accommodated within operating list planned. Further key hole in abdomen is needed.

Laparoscopic Management of Endometriosis

Endometriosis spots are been destroyed by diathermy, and where the electric current is been passed down fine probe burning lesion. Few surgeons make use of the laser to evaporate endometriosis.

The fine adhesions are cut by using the small scissors. And bleeding is generally minimal & having avoided open operation means risk of the subsequent adhesion development is been reduced. Laparoscopic managment as well has advantage of having the minimal hospital stay, and it is generally possible going home same and following day.

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