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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


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There are different stages to grant for the female to male surgery so that the patient should eligible for the treatment.

Before and after the female to male surgery

After the patients have passed a psychological evolution, and then the patient should have these qualities:

  • The patient should refrain from smoking and drinking 2 weeks before and after the surgery
  • The patients should refrain from taking any medications, herbal and homeopathic preparation medicine, or any other dislike forms of medicine or even vitamins for two weeks before and after the treatment
  • Avoid the taking hormones at least two weeks before and after the surgery
  • The patient should have the physical examination by the experts. The patient should offer the surgeons with the physical examination as well as your medical records from patient general practitioner.

Female to male reassignment sex change surgery is a last solution for treating the “Gender Identity Disorder” for making the analogous male genitalia and to conform to patient’s deepest feeling of the self-being in the gender identity. The FTM gender reassignment sex change surgery is the surgical procedure with history of the decades, as well as is in the progressive development by continuous medical studies, and medical research as well as advanced technology in the surgical technique. Present achievement in the sex change is successful than before with the high quality of the standard care as well as treatment like male 2 female gender reassignment surgery, just it is complicated & lengthy, procedure takes around one and two years to get complete.

To be the candidate for the sex change surgery you should meet requirements below:

1. Give certificate from the licensed psychologist stating you are the suitable candidate for the sex change surgery.

2. Give you the medical certificate stating you are healthy & fit to undergo the surgery.

3. Give documentation (prescriptions and other documentation), which you are taking hormones for 1 year.

Who is the candidate for female 2 male sex change?

People who are suffering from the gender identity disorder are the candidates for the gender reassignment surgery. In case, you are the female, then who has lived life as male for many years, you are then likely to be the good candidate for the female to male reassignment surgery. The letter of recommendation from the psychiatrist is needed, you must be HIV negative. You must quit smoking for life. Moreover, you must stop taking any hormones, vitamin E, aspirin, and must inform of medication that you are taking two weeks before the surgery. You must as well be taking the male hormones for a year.

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