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Gallbladder Surgery Bangkok – Solve the Problem in Two Way!


The gallbladder surgery at Bangkok has removed the gallbladder is done by two basic methods, and these methods are:

Open cholecystectomy:

It is designed for treat cholelithiasis and cholecystitis in which gallstones can vary shapes and sizes from the solid components of bile. It may become the site acute infection and the inflammation, resulting symptoms of upper right abdominal pain and vomiting. In this condition is referred to as cholecystitis. It is removed of the gallbladder can offer relief of these symptoms.

Laparoscopic approach:

It involves the insertion of a long narrow cylindrical tube with a visual camera on the end, through a predictable 1cm incisions in the abdomen, which is allow visualization of the internal organs and projection of this image onto a visual camera.  Gallbladder is small organ that is located high on right side of abdomen, under liver. Also, it is been attached to common bile duct by cystic duct that leads to liver & small intestine. Gallbladder helps the digestion by storing small amount of bile that is produced by liver & adding that to contents of small intestine as required to help in digestion of the fatty foods.

What are the symptoms of gallbladder surgery Thailand?

Gallbladder disease might happen when chemical balance of bile in gallbladder is been disrupted, and causing bile to get solid. Gallbladder is found to have the small crystals and larger stones that might cause bile to move sluggishly or be totally trapped inside gallbladder. The symptoms might be mild and severe and will include pain in upper abdomen, vomiting, nausea, and bloating, however you might have no noticeable symptoms. Symptoms will be confusing and attributed to some other ailments.

In case, you report all above symptoms to doctor, and they first suggest the upper series and barium swallow, the painless tests at which upper digestive tract is x-rayed indicating any of the abnormalities, like ulcer and hernias. In case, answer is not found, then she might order you have the gallbladder ultrasound that is painless. The test is effective in revealing presence of the gallstones.

Do you need to g for further test?

In case, the gallstones are not at all indicated from test & your symptoms are not explained, more tests might include gallbladder emptying. Gallbladder emptying test is the outpatient test that involves the injection in your arm of substance that can cause gallbladder to fill with the bile quickly. Whereas it is happening, you can lay still when radiologist watches by xray speed where your gallbladder fills.

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