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Heart Bypass Surgery Bangkok – Best Process Fix the Heart Problem!

The heart bypass surgery at Bangkok is an advanced surgery that reroutes or bypass blood around clogged blood vessel enhance blood flow and oxygen to the heart. During the surgery, a blood vessel is eliminated or reconstructed from one area of body and placed around the area to bypass the blockages are restore the blood flow to the heart muscle.

Who are suitable candidate for surgery?

It is performed on coronary blood vessels disease is diagnosed. It will try to treat arteries, but it will not cure coronary artery disease. The by pass surgery may be an option if the following conditions are present:

  • Debilitating chest pain
  • Diseased coronary artery
  • All the treatment must undergo general and local anesthesia.

When is the bypass surgery needed?

Aorta is main artery, which carries blood from heart and two main vessels branch from base of that: right & left coronary arteries. All of coronary arteries has a lot of branches. When the plaque buildup narrows artery to around 70% of the normal size, artery is blocked. The less severe blockage is relieved by the angioplasty & stenting. This is when small balloon is threaded in blocked artery & slowly inflated. Then tube named stent is been used to keep artery open. However, severe blockage generally needs bypass surgery.

What is the multiple bypass surgery?

At times many arteries are blocked, as well as many bypasses are required. In case, for instance, there were the blockages in three coronary arteries & one branch, person will get 4 bypasses. This is named as quadruple bypass surgery.

People who require many bypasses are not necessarily at the higher risk than who need one. It is not number of the bypasses, which dictates patient’s risk,” Risk is dependent on general condition of patient, no matter whether patient has some other conditions, like kidney disease and diabetes, and condition of heart muscle itself. Thus, in case, the patient’s condition is very good, number of bypasses might mean longer surgery however not greater risk.”

How is the bypass surgery done?

Doctors take substitute blood vessel from other part of body and it is safe doing this as body has some other methods of getting the blood to areas. Surgeon then attaches an end of graft to aorta and other end to coronary artery below blockage. Traditional operation calls for 6- to 8 -inch of cut down center of breastbone so surgeon will get at heart.

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