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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Heart Screening Bangkok – Save Your Heart from Disease!

How patients reduce their heart problem?

There are number of solution available in Bangkok. The patient can move for reducing the heart problem through the heart screening at Bangkok. It is a fast and non invasive process to measure the concentration of oxygen in the blood of newborns using a sensor placed on a hand, and in this study on a foot as well, for a little minutes before the patients leaves hospital.

  • The heart screening procedure should prevent the heart diseases from the youngster or older so that everyone need to check their heart in Bangkok through the heart screening procedure.
  • Despite magnificent decreases in heart disease in the last years, heart problems stay the leading reasons of ill health and death across the world. Heart disease also costs the Bangkok in cheap for the patient.

Heart Centre

The Centre’s well experienced doctors have an access to the state of art equipment to make sure that accurate diagnosis is made, as well as effectual treatment is prescribed. The diagnostic tests, services and treatments that are available at Centre include:


The test is electrical recording of heart & is been used in investigation of the heart disease.

Exercise Stress Test

This is general screening tool for testing an effect of exercise on heart. It will show if blood supply is been reduced in arteries, which supply heart or in case, you have abnormal heart rhythm.


It is the test, which makes use of the sound waves to make the moving picture of heart. It is very helpful in establishing specific diagnosis & estimating severity of different heart diseases.

Tilt Table Testing

The test is made to evaluate how body regulates the blood pressure in reaction to a few simple stresses. Also, it is the procedure, which is been used to diagnose the common cause for fainting.

Ankle Brachial Index Vascular Screening

It is the new Technology and non-invasive, and easily applied, just checking EKG & blood pressure at legs and arms, it will tell efficiency of the blood circulation system, and it will tell whether arteries are clogged & leading to the fatal heart attack and stroke in future.

Chest Pain Pathway

Is emergency rapid reaction team who are set to reach the patients by ambulance. Also, there, emergency doctors instantly start this process of evaluating & diagnosing cause of chest pain. The patients who have already suffered the heart attack is instantly admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and cardiologists can take care them. Also, our care for a few patients might include angioplasty treatment & coronary bypass surgery.

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