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Hernia Repair Bangkok – Best Surgery Process for Abdomen!

What is hernia repair?

It is a device for the human body through a defect or weakness in a tissue was therefore ends up in a abdominal location. The term hernia most rapidly refers to the organ being a loop of the intestine and dull or weakness being a part of the abdominal wall, in that way producing a lump or a mass. Its lump is usually a soft, most of the time painless and sometimes painful under the skin which is sometimes be reducible or irreducible. Through this hernia repair surgery the patient can have best solution to cure the internal problem of the patient body.  

What are hernia symptoms?

The symptoms of hernia involved pain or discomfort and a localized swelling somewhere on the layer of the abdomen or in groin area.

How soon I can schedule the surgery?

Surgery is scheduled very easily & quite rapidly at the North Penn Hernia Institute at date & time convenient to you. In a lot of cases, surgery is scheduled in 1 to 2 weeks and less, and we may arrange for the surgery on date, which is convenient for you & schedule. Appropriate forms are printed off site, and completed, and then FAXed and mailed to us, and speeding scheduling process.

Hernia surgery is done throughout the week and in case, you want to arrange the surgery through phone, or else have any specific arrangement and scheduling questions inquire at the clinic. .

What does hernia surgery mean?

Many techniques to repair hernias were done bycutting or pulling muscle together to close & repair hernia defect. This makes great deal of TENSION on muscles, and resulting in the swelling, stiffness as well as pain. Swelling & pain will last for many months. Additionally, tension inhibits healing process & doesn’t allow adequate healing of sutured muscle edges. Under circumstances, the recurrent hernias are more likely.

“TENSION FREE” technique eliminates unnecessary swelling & pain by using specially surgical MESH, and placed safely beneath hernia defect accurately & effectively repair hernia with the minimal pain and lower recurrence chance.


There are a lot of uses for the mesh in the hernia repairs, however some mesh repairs are the true TENSION FREE. Lots of surgeons place tension on muscles around hernia defect just by sewing all of them together, and then apply mesh on the top in try to reinforce repair. Eventually, this kind of the repair can pull apart in higher percentage of the patients, lifting mesh up & resulting in recurrence of hernia.

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