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Herniated Disc Surgery Bangkok – Best Surgery at Great Place!

Risks Involved

If the patients are moving through the herniated disc surgery, risks are concerned, just as they are any other surgical process. The major fact risk that is different with herniated disc surgery comes from the fact that the matter may elevate another time. If he patient don’t move through the proper procedures, the patient may search out a herniated disc comes up later in life.

Recovery Time

If the patients have moved through the herniated disc surgery, recovery time will be hard to forecast. The patient needs to converse with the experts to make him understand how the body is reacting to the surgery. The experts will able to be to explain the patient while they are safe to work a physical therapist for your recovery.

How is the discectomy performed?

The discectomy is done under the general anesthesia and procedure takes around an hour, and that depends on extent of disc herniation, size of patient, as well as other factors. The discectomy is done with patient lying face down, as well as back pointing upwards.

To remove fragment of the herniated disc, surgeon can make incision over center of the back. Incision is generally about three centimeters in length. Also, your surgeon then very carefully dissects muscles far away from bone of the spine. Making use of the special instruments, surgeon removes small amount of the bone & ligament from back of spine and this part of procedure is named laminotomy.

Once the bone & ligament is been removed, surgeon will see, and protect, spinal nerves. When disc herniation is been found, herniated disc fragment is been removed. Depending on the appearance and the condition of the remaining disc, more disc fragments are removed in the hopes of avoiding other fragment of the disc from herniating in future. When disc is cleaned out from area over nerves, incision is been closed & bandage is applied.

What is recovery from the discectomy?

Patients awaken from the surgery with the complete resolution of leg pain; but, it is usual for the symptoms to take many weeks to dissipate slowly. Pain over incision is common, however generally well controlled with the oral pain medications. The patients spend a night in hospital, however are generally then discharged following day. Lumbar corset brace might help with a few symptoms of pain, however is not essential in all the cases.

Gentle activities are all encouraged after the surgery, like sitting upright & walking. Patients should avoid lifting some heavy objects, and must try not bend and twist back excessively.

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