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Herniorraphy Bilateral Bangkok – Use for Specific Case!

Why is it needed for the patient?

The herniorraphy bilateral is a surgical procedure where the patient can recover from their hernia problem. It is a bulging of internal organs or tissue, which protrude through an abnormal opening in the muscle wall. So, it can occur in the abdomen, groin and at the site of a previous surgery. It is needed for the patient to live simply their lifestyle.

What is the procedure?

The procedure can be moved through the hernia sac in which the sac is removed without any repair of the inguinal canal is described as a herniorraphy bilateral. So, this procedure is undergoing local anesthesia where the patient cannot feel the pain throughout the process. The aim of study was investigating outcomes in treatment of the bilateral inguinal hernia, and comparing laparoscopic completely extraperitoneal & open tension free repair approaches.

Doctors perform the prospective controlled the non randomized study at 128 patients with the bilateral inguinal hernia over period of three years. LICHT was been used at 106 cases (around 53 patients) when TEP was used in around 150 cases (around 75 patients). Main outcome measurements were: operating time, recurrence rate, hospital stay as well as postoperative complications.

There were 3 recurrences (2.3%): 2 in LICHT group as well as one in TEP group P = NS. TEP treatment was much faster than the LICHT repair. The postoperative complications were frequent in the LICHT group than TEP group. Hospital stay was importantly shorter in TEP group. TEP approach is the effective choice for treatment of bilateral inguinal hernia while done by the experienced surgeons. An efficacy of the bupivacaine instillation in the preperitoneal space and following laparoscopic herniorrhaphy for the postoperative pain reduction is in the controversy. The randomized trial was been conducted to decide an efficacy of the bupivacaine instillation,” and scientists writing in journal Surgical report.

Around 40 patients, who had the inguinal hernia without any complication, and unilateral and bilateral or recurrence and no recurrence after earlier hernia repair, and were randomly assigned receiving the bupivacaine & normal saline. Intervention or else placebo was been instilled in preperitoneal space after total…

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