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Herniorraphy Unilateral Bangkok – Look It and Try It!

What is herniorraphy unilateral?

It is a surgical procedure used to treat problems stemming from a hernia condition. It is a special surgical strategy which is hernia be repaired through the series of incisions and sutures. This procedure is great solution for the patient who can suffering from the hernia problem.

How the process performed?

While the herniorraphy is attached with a reinforced repair of the posterior inguinal canal wall with autogenously material is termed hernioplasty as contracting to herniorraphy in which the autogenous material is used for the reinforcement. It is offering the best result to the patient hernia problem. There is no confusion to test the blood in laboratory. This surgical procedure can be undergoing general anesthesia. Advantage of making use of minimally invasive methods over the open techniques in repair of the inguinal hernias stays unclear. One of more established indications for performance of the minimally invasive (for example endoscopic preperitoneal) herniorrhaphy is presence of the bilateral hernias. But, no prior study has also compared recovery following unilateral & bilateral endoscopic preperitoneal repairs.

PATIENTS & METHODS: From July, 1994 through August, 1996 one main surgeon done 373 hernia repairs at 250 patients. The unilateral herniorrhaphy was done on 114 males & 13 females with average age of around 58 (that range 18 to 89). The bilateral herniorrhaphy was done on 121 males & 2 females with the average age of around 53 (that range 18 to 86). Within UH group there were around 105 virgin hernias & 22 recurrent hernias. BH group that included 212 virgin hernias & 34 recurrent. The bilateral repairs took much longer to perform than the unilateral repairs. At a time of discharge, and all the patients were also given postoperative survey & asked to record level of pain, and narcotic use & level of activity on day of surgery & postoperative days.

No differences were also found in the pain perception, and narcotic use and level of activity on the days that are measured between two groups. Additionally, groups returned to work at the similar time. The bilateral endoscopic preperitoneal herniorrhaphy are done with same expected patient recovery like the unilateral repairs.


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