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Herniotomy Bangkok –Great Advantage for Your Lifestyle!


Herniotomy is a surgical procedure for rectifying hernia. The hernia is a bulging of internal organs or tissues, which is protrudeing through an abnormal opening in the muscle wall. It can occur in the abdomen and groin and the site of a previous surgery.

What are the techniques of this procedure?

It is now often performed as an ambulatory or a day surgery procedure in Bangkok. In this regard, it is more common admitted for a 2 to 3 day hospital say. Almost 7, 00,000 patients can rectify their herniotomy problem in Bangkok. There are such fabulous experts are offering this type of surgery. This type of procedure has performed in variety group like, open tension repair, tension-free repair, and laparoscopic repair. The herniotomy operation is done on infants for repairing the inguinal hernia. Patent processus vaginalis is been ligated & excised and it is normally unnecessary for formal repair of abdominal wall being performed. SURGERY IS ONLY CURE FOR HERNIA and hernia repair is the most common methods done.

Like with any other surgery a few risk is been involved with the hernia operation. However, with latest technique of the surgeries that are available for the hernia repair risks & discomforts following the operation are minimal.


After dissection and separation of the hernial sac ligation as well as excision of hernial sac as well as closing inguinal region in the layers is all is required.


HERNIOTOMY repair of weakened Posterior wall just by approximating the conjoint tendon to the inguinal ligament making use of prolene sutures interrupted taking first good bite in public tubercele that is followed by the double breasting external oblique & closing inguinal area in the layers is needed. In patients where the posterior wall is weak , and Herniotomy placing prolene Mesh trimmed to right size and anchored between the conjoint tendon & inguinal ligament making use of interrupted prolene Sutures is done.


With the introduction of Laparoscopy. POSTERIOR HERNIA REPAIR is made possible. Laparoscope, thin instrument comprising of the lighted tube with the magnifying lenses which camera is been attached is inserted by small incision in abdomen. Laparoscope allows the surgeon to test hernia and place mesh patch on INSIDE OF ABDOMINAL WALL as well as not outside with the traditional mesh repair.

Some Disadvantages

One of biggest disadvantage to be that the General Anesthesia is needed required for surgery – Secondly it is 3 to 4 times Costlier than the standard Hernia repair & Finally recurrence following technique as well as long term follow up technique have being proved.

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