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Hydrocelectomy Bangkok – Rectify Your Testes Problem!


The hydrocelectomy is also known as hydrocele repair, and it is a surgical procedure performed to rectify a hydrocele. The hydrocele is an accumulation of peritoneal fluid in a membrane known as the tunica vaginalis, which covering the front and side of the male testes. It is occurring because of defective absorption of tissue fluid or irritation of the membrane leading to overproduction of fluid. As well as the fills the tunic vaginalis, the fluid may also fill a portion of the epididyms in the scrotum.

What is purpose of this surgery?

It is performed to rectify the hydrocele and avoid its recurrence.

What are the risk factors?

There are so many risks like other surgeries so there is some risk factor showing below:

  • Scrotal Injury
  • Infection
  • Radiation Therapy

How Is Adult Hydrocelectomy Done?

During hydrocelectomy, healthcare professional cuts skin over hydrocele to drain fluid. Testicle and fluid are tested for the viruses & cancerous cells. In case, tests are clear, double covering of testicle is stitched stopping liquid to build up again. Procedure is minor, and thus so hospital stay is generally a day, however patients are needed to stay at home for two days after surgery to recuperate. In case, testicle is diseased, then it is removed, and thus necessitating longer hospital stay & recovery time.

General Guidelines & Risks during the Hydrocelectomy

Before adult gets hydrocelectomy, the general tests are done to determine state of patient. Patients are also advised to end smoking & control the weight in case, necessary. Wound takes seven to ten days to heal, and after which stitches are removed. Also, it is very important to pass the urine in 6 – 12 hours of surgery. Hospital may want to recheck patient after month, particularly in case, testicle was removed. Risks that are associated with surgery are minimal & range from pain in spine because of spinal anesthetic to bruising & swelling if hydrocele was large. The hydrocelectomy might result in the infertility in some rare cases, and thus it is very important to discuss details with healthcare provider. In order. to compare cost of the hydrocelectomy procedures by country, then consult medical tourism costing guide.

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