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Hystero-Diagnosis Bangkok – Know the History of this Procedure!


The hystero-diagnosis is a once common medical diagnosis system, made exclusively for women. At present, there is no longer recognized by modern medical authorities as a medical disorder. It may be diagnosis and treatments were routine for many hundreds of years in Bangkok. It is widely discussed in the medical literature of the Victorian era.

The women measured to be suffering from it exhibited a large array of symptoms involving faintness, nervousness, insomnia, in abdomen, muscle pain, shortness or breath, loss appetite for food or sex and a tendency of cause trouble. Over the days the women measured to be suffering from the hystero would sometimes undergo pelvic message manual stimulation of the genitals by the doctor until the patient experienced hystero-diagnosis.

What surgeons define?

Doctors of Thailand will define hystero-diagnosis treatments are in 4 categories of these patients, and surgeons suggest diagnostic approaches for all. The patients with diagnosis of hysteria are all perennial management problem for the nonpsychiatric physician. Hysteria is defined clinical that is characterized by onset before age 30 and by multiple medically symptoms. The patients should get differentiated from the people with psychiatric disorders, which are resulting in somatization, and mainly conversion disorders, as well should get managed in way to minimize sick role incapacitation and reduce injudicious use of medication, and medical procedures and hospitalization. Condition is referred as Female Hysteria. Word hysteria is derived from the Greek word for uterus, it referred to the idea women don’t release the fluid during sex, energies are also built up, get the toxic and have to be released. Prominent second doctor wrote that hysteria was the disease that is caused by sexual deprivation in the passionate women.

Hysteria was noted in virgins, nuns, widows, and, occasionally, and married women. The treatment for women who are all suffering from hysteria can consist of pelvic massage, as well as manual stimulation of the clitoris by doctor patient experienced what been referred as the hysterical paroxysms, as well as in other words, the orgasms.

Also, at 1800s, some physicians claimed three quarters of all women who are been suffered from hysteria. And treatment was difficult for some to master and out of necessity, and invention of the first vibrator happened. While women have also come long way then, also there are the persistent themes of shame that exist behind the closed doors in real bedrooms that result in limitations of sexual expression and satisfaction.

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