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Incontinence Sling Thailand (TVT-O or TOT technique) – It’s the Time to Think Different!

How is the surgery performed?

The incontinence sling procedure is most frequent surgery to treat stress incontinence uses strips of the patient’s body tissue material or mesh to reconstruct a pelvic sling nearby the patient’s bladder neck and the tube that carries urine from the bladder. It offers support to stay the urethra closed. Specially, while the patient cough or sneeze typically have the high rates of the effectiveness and low risks or complications. There are some categories of procedure, and these are:

  • · Tension-free slings.
  • · Adjustable slings.
  • · Conventional slings

What are the things to consider?

While the patient moves for the incontinence sling procedure, get a perfect diagnosis. There are various types of incontinence require various surgical approaches. The experts may refer the patient to an incontinence specialist, like as an urologist or diagnostic testing. Urethra is a tube, which drains bladder. Urethra is where you will see the urine coming out and this structure might fall down like bladder does. This results in the leakage of urine while one coughs, jumps, laughs, and bends down. Repair of organ means that you should place the mesh below it & support that to stop leakage of urine. Lots of women have urethroceles with no symptoms. There is no surgery is required in asymptomatic patients. But, when symptoms happen, and new minimally invasive technologies are developed.

Newest & safest trend dealing with the incontinence involves use of the polypropylene, the inert nylon type material, which is placed right under mid urethra acting as the backboard when sneezes and coughs to after that, occlude and block urethral opening or either decrease of stop leakage of urine. The procedures are called “Tension-Free” as slings are not at all sutured in the muscle, fascia, and bone or are left alone for ones have fibroblast to ingrow & hold mesh. You might hear term TVT-O or else TOT and they generally refer to route slings are placed. TVT-O (TOT), and transobturator tape, is been placed by incisions on crease of the inner thighs. The incisions are about invisible and newer sling technologies have eliminated skin incisions & are also placed vaginal using the “short tape” technology. Success rates differ from 80 – 95 percent and incontinence slings are performed under the general, regional, and local anesthesia with a few sedation in the hospital.

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