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Total Knee replacement Bangkok – Some Steps of the Knee Surgery!

How the surgical process performed?

The knee replacement is performed on bone and cartilage end of the thigh bone and top of the skin bone are eliminated. It is using precise instruments to make layers that can accommodate the implant perfectly.

The knee replacement surgery eliminates the spoiled joint lining and replaces the joint surfaces with a metal and plastic implant that functions similar to a normal knee. This implant can wear out over time, and knee substitutes are done uncommonly in younger patients because of the concern of the implant wearing out too firstly.

The knee replacement implants have been modified so as to offer the best and possible result functioning with long lasting results. The effective process to perfect knee replacement implants is constantly caring place.

What causes the knee pain?

There are a lot of different causes of the knee pain, which includes injury, arthritis as well as infection.

Is there the cure?

It depends on problem and few knee pain are treated through rehabilitation, and other cases might need surgery.

What is the knee replacement?

In the total knee replacement surgery, parts of bones, which rub together are been resurfaced with the metal & plastic implants. Making use of special, and precision instruments, that your surgeon can generally, remove damaged surfaces of three bones. Replacement surfaces can then get fixed in proper place.

Surface of femur is been replaced with the rounded metal component, which comes close to matching curve of the natural bone. Surface of tibia is been replaced with the smooth plastic component. The flat metal component that holds the smooth plastic piece that is made of the ultra high weight polyethylene plastic, which serves as cartilage. Undersurface of kneecap might as well get replaced with the implant made of same polyethylene plastic.

How I know in case, I need knee replacement?

In case, you have any difficulty walking and performing daily activities like getting dressed, it is time to think of knee replacement surgery. Doctors normally, try and delay the total knee replacement for providing possible in the favor of the less invasive treatments. But for the patients with an advanced joint disease, and knee replacement gives chance for the relief from pain & return to the normal activities.

How I prepare for the knee replacement surgery?

In case, you & your surgeon choose that the total knee replacement is correct for you, the date is scheduled for the surgery. Many things are essential to prepare for the surgery. Example, surgeon may ask you having the physical examination by internist or regular doctor.

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