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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Labiaplasty Minora (Labial Reduction Thailand) – An Advanced Surgical Process!

Why the process required?

Labiaplasty Minora is advanced process also know as the labia minor reduction. In the process the surgeons are reshape the folds skin of the vulva area as well as reduced the elongated labia. The process performed in the due to various reasons such as: the size of the labia damage after the child birth due to excess pain and discomfort.

It is cosmetic surgery suitable for labial reduction. After the process the patients are recover their reshape labial. In this regard the patients are most being drawing their suitable results in case of well skilled surgeons. So, due to this reason the patients all over the world move forward to Thailand to draw quick recovery from their problem.

Labiaplasty Procedure

(Labia reduction, and re-shaping outer & inner lips)

Labiaplasty is the 3 major areas of the cosmetic vaginal surgeries.

Procedure aims correcting the dysfunctions & improve woman`s hidden aesthetics.

Way woman feels about look & sensation in vagina & pubic areas has major impact on self-esteem, sexual desire, as well as her intimate relationship. There are 3 major areas of the Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeries, and aimed to rejuvenate woman’s sexual feeling:

Labia surgery (the labiaplasty, labia reduction as well as look improvement, and correcting size & shape of inner & outer lips)

Vaginal reconstruction & rejuvenation (vaginoplasty)

Hymenoplasty (hymen reconstruction, that is “bringing back to the virginity”)

Labia reduction

Lots of women would like to ease discomfort that is associated with large and thick labia. Not only look, however thick labia interfere with biking, working out, as well as wearing the tight fitting clothes. The large labia causes some irritation, rubbing as well as discomfort during the sexual intercourse, exercising, and when wearing some kinds of the clothing.

Also, lots of women would like to improve appearance of the “butterfly”, or asymmetrical labia. Also, feeling good how you look builds self-confidence & self-esteem. Labiaplasty are combined with some other cosmetic surgeries. Most of the women who select labiaplasty also select tummy tucks & liposuction. Labia treatments might include liposuction of Mount of Venus (for bulky pubic area) as well as augmentation of Mount of Venus (for atrophied pubic area). Vaginal physiological state affects the woman’s physiological state. The structure reconstruction of vagina area might bring back younger feel, as well as contribute sexual life & self esteem improvement woman is searching for. Few surgeons do the procedures involving laser surgery, and where others make use of methods like radiosurgical techniques and scalpel techniques.

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