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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Laser Lipolysis Bangkok – It’s A High Class Surgical Process!


The excess fat has longer be a complicate problem that reasons the human body appears disproportionate and spared to a loss of itself confidence. The patient need to be considered, such as controlling food intake style, weight loss, and most important exercise.

At present, the high end technology in laser lipolysis have progressed to employ techniques in suctioning off that such as using water pressure and ultrasound waves which have greatly improved outcomes. The advance method being used for fat reduction is laser assisted liposuction where lasers are using to liquefy the fat deposits before suctioning it out.

Over the centuries, there have been numerous surgical attempts to eliminate accumulated excess body fat. It was done by the removing the wide chunks of fat in the body and by scrapping I away.

Why people get the laser liposuction?

Few people have that done to correct the birth defects and other physical irregularities. But, most of the people have that done to increase physical attractiveness. Now, society needs people to look best to achieve goals, which they want. Samitivej Hospital Bangkok will give the service with best counseling & careful planning of procedure with the world class technology and skill.

What exactly is fat?

Actually, medical term for that is adipose tissue and this tissue is situated beneath skin that is called subcutaneous. Like skin, adipose tissue is been made of two layers, white & brown. The white adipose tissue is of yellowish in color due to carotenoids it has. Brown adipose tissue has large vascular supply and fatty tissue is been deposited in a different way in every person, though there are 3 basic patterns of fat storage on & in human body. First is android pattern, known as apple pattern and this pattern is frequently found in the men starting at neck & traveling down shoulders, and continuing on down by abdomen. Second pattern is gynoid pattern, and commonly found in the women, and where it is been stored in buttocks & thighs. Third pattern is intermediate pattern, and where fat accumulates in upper & lower parts of body. The patterns are not gender-specific, and are combination of patterns mentioned. The fat cells will change in size, but, once they are all formed in body, they stay there permanently. For this reason, laser liposuction is a useful treatment for the people who have genetic predisposition in accruing large amounts of the fatty tissue.

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