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Meniscus Knee Surgery Bangkok – Know the Effects of this Procedure!

Why the meniscus repair?

In most of the cases, the surgeon may offer a meniscus repair as a possible surgery for recover damaged or torn cartilage. Decades ago, the patient has torn cartilage, and surgery was necessary, the entire meniscus was eliminated. These patients really did quite well after the surgery. The problem was that over the time the cartilage on the finish of the bone was damaged away more quickly. It is thought to be due the lacks of the cushioning effects and the diminished stability of the joint that is seen after a meniscus is eliminated.

Who is a candidate for surgery?

These types of patient can required this surgery, and these are:

  • Locking of the knee (unable to bend)
  • Inability to fully straighten the knee
  • A popping or clicking sound or sensation

Why perform the meniscus repair?

In a few situations, surgeon might give you meniscus repair as possible surgery for the damaged and torn cartilage. Years before, in case, patient had the torn cartilage, as well as surgery was essential, entire meniscus was been removed. These patients in fact, did well after surgery. Problem was over time, cartilage on ends of bone was worn away quickly. It is a thought because of loss of cushioning effect & diminished stability of joint, which is seen after meniscus is removed.

When the arthroscopic surgery got popular, more of surgeons done partial menisectomies. The partial meniscectomy is done to remove torn segment of meniscus. It works well over short & long term in case, meniscus tear is small. However, for a few large meniscus tears, sufficient portion of meniscus is removed such this problems will again creep up down road.

Who requires meniscus repair surgery?

Tears of meniscus, which cause “mechanical symptoms” that tend to respond the best to surgical treatment. Mechanical symptom is been caused by meniscus physically impeding normal movement of knee. The common “mechanical symptoms” include:

* Locking of knee (not able to bend)

* Inability to straighten knee

* Popping and clicking sound and sensation

In operating room, surgeon has 2 main choices, either remove torn meniscus (partial meniscectomy) and perform meniscus repair for placing edges together with sutures and tacks.

Is Meniscus Repair Better?

Meniscus is circular cartilage piece with the blood supply that is coming from outer rim. For meniscus repair to heal, tear should be near outer edge in area of the good blood supply (the nutrients from blood vessels are essential to heal)—and this is a so called red-white (non-vascular) area of meniscus.

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