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MIS Disectomy Bangkok – Right Time Right Surgery!

Why the process required?

There are minimally invasive surgery uses techniques of surgical access that magnificently eliminate trauma to the body compared to traditional incisions. Naturally, this surgical approaches have utilized incisions programmed to offer the maximum disclose of the operative site. Minimally, this surgical approach, use the small incision through which cameras and the tools are passed to accomplish the operation from within a body cavity. The minimally invasive surgical procedure approach is offering various advantages over the traditional open surgery.

What type of conditions surgery will be offered?

There are so many types of problem rising in the body of the patient so that there are some specific surgeries that time this procedure will be offered

  • Abdominal pain evaluation
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Anorectal malformations
  • Appendectomy

The spine surgeries are been considered & prescribed after the extensive treatments & therapies are applied & properly diagnosed. The minimal invasive lumbar laminotomy or discectomy are operations that are done on lower spine relieving pressure on one and more nerve roots. Term is been derived from words lumbar (low back), as well as discectomy (to remove portion of intervertebral disc).

Discectomy is a procedure to remove the portion of disc, which rests between every vertebrae – herniated disc is been removed that reliefs the pressure from nerves. The herniated disc is most common reason for the spine surgery. While intervertebral disc ruptures in lumbar spine, and that puts pressure on one and more nerve roots (named nerve root compression). Here, in this operation, surgeon reaches lumbar spine by small incision at a lower back.

Laminectomy is an operation to relief the direct pressure on spinal cord as well as is used commonly to treat the conditions like spinal stenosis & spondylolisthesis. That depends on amount of the bones removed, procedure is done with the spinal fusion to stop spinal instability

Spine Fusion is a surgery, which is done to eliminate the motion between the adjacent vertebrae. Procedure might treat the problems like spondylolisthesis (spine instability), or else as extensive treatment to laminectomy

Spinal Disc Replacement is new surgical & unique treatment that treats the specific kinds of the back pain, when avoiding problems that are associated with the spine fusion surgery. Foramenotomy is a procedure to relive pressures from an affected nerves by removal of the bone portions as well as other tissues, which compresses nerve all along spinal column. Nucleoplasty is a process of the disc decompression by making use of the medical technology ablate & remove tissue in nucleus pulposus of disc.

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