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Myomectomy Bangkok – Know the Information Particular Way!


It is a surgical procedure which is used for eliminate abnormal muscular growths, and it is called uterine fibroids, from the uterus, after that enhancing fibroid symptoms. Myomectomy is a most important surgery, with high risks similar to a hysterectomy. Though, the outcomes of this surgery can vary, most women experience some enhancement in their symptoms after the surgery.

Preparation for the surgery

Through this procedure the patient can be under moved general or local anesthesia so it reduces the chance of infection and the patient can asleep throughout the procedure. The patient’s abdomen will be washed a special solution. The patient will also be surrounded with sterile sheets. At the next moment a catheter or the plastic tube will be inserted into the patient’s bladder to measure the urine you make during the process.   Myomectomy is the procedure where the uterine fibroids are removed surgically from uterus. The Uterine fibroids (as well known as the myomas) generally affect 30% of the women. Whereas, a lot of fibroids don’t require treatment, and others will cause the abnormal uterine bleeding, pain, pressure, and other symptoms. Also, removing entire uterus (that is hysterectomy) is done to treat the fibroids, however lots of women are now looking for the alternatives to hysterectomy in case, they want to have kids or don’t wish to lose the uterus. Unluckily, lots of gynecologists are very hesitant to suggest. As with procedure, there are advantages & disadvantages to the myomectomy. The site can give you a lot of information for helping you to make the informed decision.

What are advantages & disadvantages of the laparoscopic myomectomy?

Advantage of the laparoscopic myomectomy over abdominal myomectomy is many small incisions are been used instead of larger incision. Also, it is very important to understand even the laparoscopic myomectomy is the real surgery, and needs many weeks of the recovery. One more major factor in the recovery time is the motivation; and I have also found the motivation are just as important in the recovery as a type of the surgery.

One concern while there are the multiple fibroids is leaving the smaller myomas behind. It is essential to feel uterus to find out smaller myomas; and these likely will be left behind at time of the laparoscopic myomectomy. In order, to summarize, that I think the laparoscopic myomectomy is good for the pedunculated & superficial myomas. While there are the deep myomas & large number of the myomas, and I think it is likely to repair uterus better while doing the abdominal myomectomy.

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