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Natural Birth with Epidural Bangkok – Most Reliable Procedure for Child Birth!

What are the advantages of natural childbirth with Epidural?

If the patient want to stay in control of the patient’s body as much as possible, be an active participant throughout labor or pain, and have a schedule routine interventions such as fetal monitoring in the birth process, and then natural birth with epidural approach to controlling labor will suit the patient best. There are number suggestions available but this information is most important for the patient, and these are:

  • In most of the cases, the natural child birth techniques are not invasive. So, there is dew potential for harm or side effects for the patient and patient’s baby.
  • There are so many women have strong feeling of empowerment during pain and a sense of the accomplishment afterward.

In the modern times we take lot of things for granted: and we are very much used to some practices they seem natural, like any other choices are irrational, and possibly ‘abnormal’. Strangely, experience of the childbirth has also become those misconstrued practices, like mother nature that is intended women to get locked away in the antiseptically grey hospital, and lit by the omnipresent fluorescent light, and surrounded by the strange instruments whereas they perform normal function of the female life.

Giving birth – Also, I dare re-iterate from wise women of the yesteryears and midwives of today – also is inborn function and whose passage is essential, at times very difficult, however nevertheless, the bodily experience, which need not get treated like medical emergency.

Indeed, how can childbirth, very opposite state from the broken arm, blood clot, stroke, and other real medical emergency get lumped in same category as the horrific accidents, diseases as well as other ill states? Pregnancy is very far from the disease . . . for most of the women.

Still, small percentage of the women do require hospitals, where dire birthing complications will need extreme intervention of the cesarian sections, episiotomies, epidurals, Pitocin (that stimulates contractions), as well as other medical accoutrements. Or, for most of the women, birth need not have to happen in hospital or mandate doctor to get considered safe & healthy — the seemingly revolutionary idea, which might scandalize people who know nothing however, the hospital mythology regarding how birth must proceed. For the ‘low-risk’ woman (who represents majority of the birthing females), she might just need the midwife and some supportive friends or family to make the healthy baby without extreme side effects.


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