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Angioplasty Bangkok – It’s the Time to Draw More About Process!

What is the angioplasty surgical process required?

 It is one type of surgical process rectify best way for the blood flow inside blood vessels. In the time, the waxy substances has made of cholesterol, fats, and fibrin and normally known as plaque from the deposits on the blood vessels’ walls and it makes so much complicated. It is not impossible for arteries to pass to the heart.

The angioplasty can be life saved the again. This process consists of the insertion of a catheter and a balloon inside the vessel. Once it hit the affected area, the balloon is inflated at a very high water pressure and destroyed the plaque to permit the blood to circulate normally and makes the body healthier.

How is angioplasty performed?

The doctor can insert thin plastic catheter in the artery in groin and arm. Catheter is been guided in coronary artery and then other catheter is also put through & balloon is inflated. Since, balloon is inflated that pushes plaque against wall of artery to open that.

What is the stent?

The stent is small, and coiled wire-mesh tube, which is inserted often in coronary artery during angioplasty treatment. Stent stays in artery & acts like scaffold to prevent artery from the re-closing (restenosis).

There are 2 kinds of stents and one kind is regular stent & other type is one, which is coated with the medicine. Also, your doctor can decide type of the stent, which is good for you.

Will I require medication?

After the angioplasty, you are prescribed the antiplatelet medication named Plavix. Antiplatet medications are the drugs, which prevent the blood from clotting. And this medication is been prescribed for minimum of month & are prescribed for the longer periods that are based on type of the stent.

What is the cardiac rehabilitation?

Your doctor might suggest you attend the cardiac rehabilitation program and these programs give you heart health education & have the exercise component for helping you regain the independent lifestyle. The coronary angioplasty is non surgical treatment that makes use of balloon catheter for opening up the narrowed section of coronary artery, which is blocked by the plaque—condition well known as the atherosclerosis that will lead to the coronary artery disease.

When build up of the plaque narrows arteries so much that just small amount of the blood will flow through to heart, chest pain (known as the angina) will happen. At times, blood clot can totally block blood flow to the coronary artery causing heart attack.

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