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Orchidopexy Bangkok – Make Male Hormones!

Why the process required?

The orchiopexy is a special surgery to move one or both your teen undescended testicles into his scrotum. In males, the testicles are two egg shaped organs that make male hormones and sperm cells. The testicles are founded in the scrotum which is sac that hangs behind the penis. When a male baby is growing in his mother’s womb that time the testicles are inside his abdomen just before he is born, his testicle descend into his scrotum.

Are risks in the entire process?

  • Anesthesia medicines may offer your child an allergic reaction
  • Itchy skin
  • Trouble breathing
  • Scrotum swell
  • Testicle may move back up again so that need for the surgery
  • Blood vessels
  • Testicle may be damaged during the surgery
  • Testicle stop functioning 



Patient is admitted & discharged on same day as orchidopexy and arrangements must be made for somebody to drive patient home from hospital as the general anesthesia or else sedation can be administered & driving the car, drinking alcohol, and operating machinery 24hours after procedure is not at all allowed.

Once patient is discharged in their home from procedure, pain or discomfort at wound website is experienced by patient many days postoperatively. The painkillers might be prescribed and recommended to give a few relief. Wearing the supportive underpants & loose trousers might give a few comfort to patient. Small amount of the swelling, and minimal bruising after the orchidopexy is experienced. Also, it is very important to have rest with legs elevated to hasten healing & for reduction of likely swelling of scrotal area. In case, the antibiotics are been prescribed, ensure you take whole course given like instructed.

Bathing and showering might be done 24hours after surgery and allow water to soak off wound dressing when you bathe and shower. Use of the bubble baths or scented soaps must get e passed up. Stitches cannot be requiring removing these can dissolve in 2 to 3 weeks. Nonetheless, ensure this is case prior to discharge from hospital.

When patient feels very comfortable to resume to work & is very confident to manage with activities ones job need, and then he might resume the work. Sex must be avoided till wound has totally healed & there is not more of pain felt.


Swelling & few erythema and redness around wound area is experienced however they generally resolve in 3 to 4 days. Bleeding doesn’t generally happen & is rarely the problem. In case, ever there is a few bleeding, then this is relieved just by applying the extra pressure on wound area.

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