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Ovarian Cystectomy Bangkok – Treating By Specialist!

The ovarian cystectomy is sacs filled with fluids or the other substances located or in ovary. In most of the cases, these cysts require to be removed surgically. Multiple ovarian cystectomy may be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome. A diagnosis of PCOS indicates the require for careful monitoring of symptoms and ongoing PCOS treatment, which is including in an Ovarian Cystectomy process.

Side Effects

Each Ovarian Cystectomy process is relatively simple; any surgery carries a certain amount of risk. The patients may require medication to manage pain during Ovarian Cystectomy recovery periods. And the other side effects involve:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Problems with anesthesia.

The patient should understand the risk factor of this of procedure treatment before proceeding.

What It Is?

Te ovarian cystectomy is surgery done to operate on and remove large and suspect ovarian cyst and other anomaly. Women often have benign and noncancerous cysts in the ovaries and in some other places in body, which don’t cause any of the trouble. At times cysts are all discovered accidentally by routine ultrasound of reproductive organs.

In cases where the woman has large cysts and cysts with cancer, and there are excess pain & discomfort that is associated to have cysts. The cancerous cysts can spread to some other areas of body, thus in case such as this surgery is actually an only sensible treatment choice. Surgeon generally, performs traditional open abdominal operation well known as the laparotomy and smaller incision by using laparoscope. Generally, traditional surgery gives you best possible platform that to work.


The ovarian cysts are very common & benign or else non cancerous and it is very good news for majority of the women that is diagnosed with the cysts annually. In case, the cyst starts to cause any problems that includes edema and pain however, there are problem, which needs medical examination. But atypical cysts & cysts, which are very large and are at times cause for the concern. At times they do nothing more than the cause discomfort, while some other times that they might have to get removed for more testing. Generally, operations are suggested for following patients:

* When the patients have masses and growths in ovaries.

* In case, cyst is bigger than three inches long & wide.

* In case, ultrasound examination shows cyst is functional cyst that is a cause for the suspicion.

* In case, there is any of the suspicion mass is malignant.

When cyst is removed during the ovarian cystectomy, then traditionally surgeon makes the incision through abdominal wall for visualizing ovaries. Cyst can be removed very safely.

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