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Perineoplasty Thailand (Perineorrhaphy Thailand) – Necessary For Vaginal Problem!

What is Perineoplasty?

It is a small area tranquil of skin and muscle tissue between the vagina and the anus. However, the premium can become highly stretched or extensively torn or damaged as a result of childbirth. Often, after healing so many women feel a permanent loosening of their vaginal opening after the childbirth. Which causes a lot of problems like anal incontinence, vaginal looseness is very painful intercourse and unsatisfactory sex. It is a surgical procedure surgery, and it is different from a vaginoplasty and vaginal plastic surgery which is using for tightening the muscles of the vagina.

Who are suitable candidate for the process?

Women, who are facing this type of problems because of a loosened post delivery perineum will consider under moving Perineoplasty. Having the baby might disrupt muscles, which keep an opening of vagina (the vaginal introits) narrow. Superficial transverse perineal muscle can tear & retract. Patients complain that vaginal introits’ is also “gaping” and sexual intercourse is not same since, it was before giving birth to children.

In the patients who have above concerns and complaints or where superficial transverse perineal muscles now are no longer together, the patients are also excellent candidates for the Perineoplasty. Goal of the perineoplasty surgery is restoring normal structure of external aspect of vaginal opening in the hope of addressing the patient concerns that are mentioned above. The plastic surgery treatment for removing scarred or else lax opening, repair as well as elevate perineum & bring stretched levator muscles that are closer together is named perineoplasty.

Perineoplasty are done alone for the hymenal reconstruction and for the open, uncomfortable vagina. The Perineoplasty is often combined with the vaginoplasty. The procedure is done by using the general and spinal anesthesia and you might have the foley catheter in proper place for 1 to 2 days after the surgery.

Visible area between vagina & rectum is named perineum and this is a region where episiotomies are all cut & where tears during the childbirth are common. Perineoplasty aims making this area look very normal by excising an excess skin, and loose skin tags as well as suturing underlying muscles and perineal body closer to give more snug feeling in introitus and vaginal opening. Most of the plastic surgeons who perform the vaginoplasty surgery are performing the Perineoplasty surgery, more superficial treatment that doesn’t tighten entire depth of vaginal canal. The procedure is shown to “Enhance the Sexual Gratification.” Procedure always accompanies the vaginoplasty as you are working in same area and this procedure takes around 30 minutes to carry out.

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