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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Physical Checkup Package – Need to Prevent The Complicated Problem!

Physical checks up packages are the best for all human being because it prevents all diseases in short period. So, taking proper care of your health at the right time you can prevent a lot of problems in the feature. It is the best way to find that you have no problem, before it is too late to solve it.

Why patients prefer it?

The main object of a physical checkup package is to indicate at an early stage or to better still prohibit illness is occurred the first place. There are some tests can save so many lives that it is definitely worth the money spend for it. There are different types of physical checkup packages available so you need to be considering drawing in your favor.

What you have to do BEFORE the first visit?

You have to prepare info for the doctor and get the childhood immunization & illness history from the parents and pediatrician. Ask the parents about the family medical history, particularly breast & ovarian cancer. Write list of the normal habits, like sleep patterns, dietary, and so on. For first exam & all the yearly exams and thereafter you must list: vaginal infections that you have treated; and note any of the dramatic weight fluctuations; and travel history; sexual history and birth control. In case, you plan to travel, make sure that you have latest information about shots that you need for the trip to another country. Also, you can call Center for the Disease Control or check the web site. Never douche or else use the vaginal medications 3 to 4 days before the visit in case, you have the pap smear.

What Doctor Must Do?

Doctor must get the complete medial history before exam and she must ask about: the childhood illnesses or immunizations; occupation; family history; stress levels; travel history; use of the alcohol, tobacco as well as drugs; sexual history; prescription drugs; as well as birth control usage.


You are a bit nervous before the first physical & pelvic exam and that is normal & expected. But, in case, there is pain that is caused by any part of exam, and you must let doctor know. The pelvic exam might be a bit uncomfortable, however must not be very painful.

Your examination must comprise of: blood pressure; weight; looking at ears, eyes, nose & throat; and examining the neck for size of thyroid gland & any enlarged lymph nodes; and listening to chest & heart; the breast examination sitting & lying down; the abdominal exam; looking at arms & legs; and pelvic exam.

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