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Rectocele Repair Thailand /Enterocele Repair Thailand (Posterior Vaginal Repair with Mesh) – Affecting Your Lifestyle!

What is rectocele repair?

It is a surgical process carried out to rectify a rectocele, prolapsed of the rectum. It occurs while the rectum is forced out of place and begins to put pressure on the back wall of the vagina, reasons symptoms like pain or bleeding during sex and constipation. This repairing procedure rectifies this problem by relocating the rectum to its normal positions ad adding supportive sutures or surgical mesh to avoid further prolapsed.

What are the indications of rectocele surgery?

It should be repaired while it is causing symptoms that are affecting your lifestyle. While the patient’s symptoms are being caused by the rectocele and any other pelvic organ prolapsed. There are so many patients try to management first unless the vaginal bulge is large. When bulge in vagina comes from rectum it is named the rectocele or else rectal prolapse. Like with other types of the pelvic organ prolapse (enteroceles, cystoceles, vaginal prolapse) chronic cough, childbirth, chronic constipation, as well as obesity are the predisposing factors. The symptoms are very much similar to cystoceles like pelvic pressure, the unsightly bulge in vagina, as well as constipation. Moreover, need of reaching in vagina to push stool is common.

The bulge in vagina will get caused by the small bowel pushing vaginal tissues and this is named enterocele and it will happen at a same time as the cystocele & rectocele. Actually, we cannot tell what causes bulge in vagina no matter whether it is rectum, bladder, and bowel, or all! The modern repair makes use of mesh with the excellent success found. The repair is quite technically challenging & few are trained in modern repair of problem. The surgical repair comprises of making use of the sutures to bunch up bulging tissues all together. More of the modern repair comprises of use of the mesh and this method gives the success rates of more than 95% in hands. Rectocele Repair is performed in hospital under the general, regional, and the local anesthesia with a few sedation and procedure takes around 60 minutes to do.

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