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Salpingectomy Bangkok – Great Results in Great Location!

What are the indications?

This salpingectomy procedure was first introduced by Lawson Tait in the patients with the bleeding ectopic pregnancy. This process has as saved the lives of number of women. The indication for a salpingectomy involves tubes, as part of the surgical process for tubal cancer. This will lead to sterility and it was used for that purpose. Often, less invasive procedures have become available as tubal occlusion processes.

What are the processes?

Traditionally, it has been done via a laparotomy, more recently however, the salpingectomy have beome more common as part of minimally invasive procedures. The tube is detached at the specific point where it enters the uterus and along its most mesenteric edge with hemoststic control. Procedure was performed first by Lawson Tait at patients with the bleeding ectopic pregnancy; and the procedure has saved lives of many women. Some other indications for the salpingectomy include the infected tubes, (like in the hydrosalpinx) or else as a part of surgical treatment for the tubal cancer.

The bilateral salpingectomy can lead to the sterility, and was been used for this purpose, but the less invasive treatments have also become available as the tubal occlusion treatments.


Salpingectomy has been done traditionally through the laparotomy; more currently however, the laparoscopic salpingectomies now have become common as a part of invasive surgery. Tube is been severed at a point where that enters uterus & along the mesenteric edge with the hemostatic control.

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Salpingectomy is done as a part of the procedure named salpingo oophorectomy, where one and both ovaries, and one and both Fallopian tubes, are been removed in operation (the Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy in case, both the ovaries & Fallopian tubes are been removed). In case, BSO is been combined with the hysterectomy, procedure is called TAH BSO: The Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with Bilateral SalpingoOophorectomy.

Salpingostomy or Salpingotomy

Salpingectomy is very different from the salpingostomy & salpingotomy and latter 2 terms are used interchangeably & refer to making opening in a tube, however tube itself is not at all removed. Technically, creation of the new tubal opening by surgery will be the salpingostomy, whereas incision in tube to remove the ectopic is salpingotomy.

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