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Salpingotomy Bangkok – Draw Your Vaginal Tubes!


The Salpingotomy is performed to eliminate a tube because of infection, and then an ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy that implants inside the fallopian tube instead off the uterus or because of medical problem like endometriosis. Which is the lining of the uterus improved outside the uterus? This procedure carries risks and side effects.

Risks and Side Effects

The side effects of this procedure depend somewhat on how it has performed with the laparoscopic surgery; the recovery time is not more than shorten because of the tiny incisions. There are both type of general or local anesthesia is inserted in the patient can asleep throughout the surgery without feeling of lain and labor. It is fight any types of problem. The fallopian tube blockage generally prevents the successful passage of egg to sperm, and fertilized egg to uterus. The surgery is used to try and correct common cause of the infertility. Specific kind of the surgery that depends on location & extent of fallopian tube blockage.

How the surgery is done?

Few tubal treatment is done by making use of the microsurgical techniques, and either during the open abdominal surgery and making use of the laparoscopy through small incision. Surgeon should have the special training & expertise in the microsurgery methods or laparoscopy. This overview describes most common tubal treatments. The tbal reanastomosis generally is used to reverse tubal ligation and to repair portion of fallopian tube that is damaged by the disease. Blocked and diseased portion of tube is been removed, as well as 2 healthy ends of tube are after that joined. The procedure generally is done by abdominal incision.

Salpingectomy, and removal of the part of fallopian tube, is performed to improve in the vitro fertilization success while the tube has been developed the buildup of fluid. Hydrosalpinx makes that half as possible that the IVF treatment that can succeed. Salpingectomy is been preferred over the salpingostomy to treat the hydrosalpinx before.

Salpingostomy is performed when end of the fallopian tube is been blocked by the buildup of fluid. The procedure makes new opening in part of tube closest to ovary. But, it is very common for the scar tissue for regrowing after the salpingostomy, reblocking tube. Fimbrioplasty might get done when part of tube closest to ovary is blocked partially and has the scar tissue, and preventing the normal egg choose. The procedure rebuilds fringed ends of fallopian tube.

For the tubal blockage that is next to uterus, the nonsurgical treatment named selective tubal cannulation is first treatment of your choice. Making use of the fluoroscopy and hysteroscopy to guide instruments, doctor inserts the catheter, and cannula, by cervix and uterus & into fallopian tube.

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