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Spinal Fusion Bangkok – All About to Solving the Curd Problem!

What is Spinal Fusion?

It is a technique surgical procedure, which one or more of the vertebrae of the spine are gather thus motion no longer occurs in between them. The moral concept of this surgery is similar to that of welding in the factory. The spinal fusion treatment, does not weld the vertebrae frequently during the surgery. Rather than, the bone grafts are placed around the spine during surgery. The body then heals the grafts over several months similar to healing a facture which is join or welds the vertebrae together.

When is Fusion Required?

There are so many potential causes for an expert to consider fusing the vertebrae. These are including to treatment of a fractured broken connection of deformity, and it elimination of pain from the painful motion to treatment of instability and the treatment of some cervical disc herniations.


The spinal fusion eliminates the motion between vertebrae and it as well prevents stretching of nerves & surrounding the ligaments or muscles. It is the option when motion is source of pain, like movement, which happens in part of spine, which is arthritic. Theory is if painful vertebrae don’t move, and they must not at all hurt.

In case, you have the leg pain besides back pain, the surgeon might as well perform the decompression. The procedure involves removing the bone & diseased tissues, which will put pressure on the spinal nerves.

Fusion can take away a few spinal flexibility, however most of the spinal fusions involve small segments of spine & don’t limit motion.


Lumbar spinal fusion is done for several decades and there are many different techniques, which are used to fuse spine and there are different “approaches” that your surgeon will take for the procedure.

The surgeon might approach spine from front and this is anterior approach & requires incision in lower abdomen. The posterior approach is also done from back. Or surgeon might approach spine from side, named lateral approach. Minimally invasive procedures have been developed and these allow the fusions to get performed with the smaller incisions. Right procedure for you can depend on nature & location of the disease.

Bone Grafting

All the spinal fusions make use of some kind of the bone material, named bone graft, to help to promote fusion. Normally, the small pieces of bone are been placed in space between vertebrae to get fused. The bone graft is used to stimulate the bone healing and it increases the bone production & helps vertebrae to heal together in the solid bone.


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