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Stem Cell therapy Bangkok – Offering Great Experience!

Why is stem cell therapy required?

It is cancer of white blood cells or leukocytes. Such other blood cells, the leukocytes are made in bone marrow through a procedure that begins with multipotent adults stem cells. The mature leukocytes are free into the bloodstream, in which they do the task to fight off infections in our bodies.

Leukocytes outcomes while leukocytes began to grow and function abnormally, becoming cancerous. These abnormal cells cannot fight off infection and they interfere with functions of any matter organs. The successful treatment for leukocytes fully depends on getting rid of all abnormal leukocytes in the patient, permits healthy ones to grow in their place. So, the patient needs to meet the experts for their problem   The Adult Stem Cell therapy has also treated many patients and it started more than 60 years before with the bone marrow transplants as well as is available for a lot of conditions. Stem cells also come from patient & are been used as the cell therapy. The conditions such as stroke, diabetes, MS & Anti-aging are accessible today. Stem cell therapy at Thailand is given for many diseases & conditions, which includes stroke, blood disorders, heart disease as well as auto immune diseases. But, majority of the treatments are in the experimental stage, and meaning that treatment hasn’t been proven beneficiary & safe in the clinical trial.

Know more about the stem cell therapy

Before 2009, and there was not any specific regulation that are governing the scientists researching the human stem cell applications at Thailand. On 2009, Thai Food & Drug Administration that announced stem cells & products are been regulated as the drugs. Regulations may not cover use of the stem cells in known, proven treatments for the hematological diseases.

But, for some other types of the treatments, the healthcare providers & researchers must follow the accepted research practices, which includes approval from the scientific & ethics committees at the institutional & national levels. Under Thai Medical Council rule that took an effect at November 2009, and all stem cell research needs to get approved by council’s ethical committee. Additionally, new regulation controls use of the stem cell treatment in the diseases that are related to the veins, organ transplants & heart disorders. It can issue the parallel regulations to cover use of the stem cells by doctors. For the experimental stem cell procedure, practitioners should register & comply with the Council criteria.


The Thai medical Institutions should clearly inform the patients of unproven nature of stem cell treatment. The patients should weigh risks & benefits of thus treatment, in absence of coercion, inducement, and profit motive.

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