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Uterine Suspension Thailand – Rectify the Complicated Problem!

What is Uterine Suspension?

It is surgical procedure that is used for relieve pelvic pain or dyspareunia while the pain is turn into the uterine retroversion. Usually, there are two methods that are use for accomplish the surgery process, these two method is

  • Laparotomy
  • Laparoscopy

It is sometimes used to improve fertility although this is very notorious and has never really shown to increase one’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Who is a candidate for surgery?

It is used to treat pelvic pain and dyspareunia. The Uterine Suspension used to rectify the position of a uterus that has titled away from the midline and toward the back. In most of the cases the surgery the doctor may ask their patient to try a vaginal pessary in an attempt to rectify uterine position.

What is the “Uterine Suspension”?

Uterine Suspension is the surgical treatment, which is been used to relieve the pelvic pain and dyspareunia (that is painful intercourse) when pain is thought being result of the uterine retroversion (as well known as “tilted uterus,” retroverted uterus or “tipped uterus”).

Normally, there are 2 methods, which are been used to accomplish the Uterine Suspension surgery; laparotomy or laparoscopy. Uterine Suspension is at times been used to increase the fertility though it is controversial & has not actually been shown to increasing one’s chances to become pregnant.

What conditions can Uterine Suspension treat?

The Uterine Suspension is been used for treating pelvic pain & dyspareunia. It is been used to correct position of the uterus, which has tilted away from midline & toward back. At times, before the Uterine Suspension surgery, doctor might ask his patient trying the vaginal pessary in attempt to correct the uterine position. If vaginal pessary doesn’t relieve pain, and then Uterine Suspension surgery might be next best course of an action.

Traditional medicine suggests the removal of uterus hysterectomy while there is the uterine prolapse. In cases of the severe uterine & vaginal prolapse the hysterectomy that is followed by the vaginal wall reconstruction might still be most beneficial therapy. But, there are women who select to keep the uterus particularly in those whom uterus is mildly and moderately prolapsed. Decision to try uterine & vaginal support is made after the full informed consent is been made with patient having an operation. The most important features of the surgery is lack of the long term data that is supporting the utilization in uterine & vaginal prolapse surgery.

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