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Vaginal Hysterctomy Bangkok – Every Woman Need It!

What is the vaginal hysterctomy?

The vaginal hysterctomy is a surgery to eliminate the uterus and the cervix. Nearly fifty percent of the time, the vaginal ovaries and fallopian tubes are taken too. The main reasons cited having a hysterctomy involve uterine bleeding, fibroids, uterine prolapsed, endometriosis, and reproductive cancer. With the exception of cancer, the hysterctomy is not the procedure of choice for any of these complicated conditions.

After the Surgery

The recovering time from a vaginal hysterctomy takes not more than six to eight weeks. During the recovery time the patient’s body is undergoing a variety of physical and emotional changes. Even though, every woman’s recovery and healing procedure is unique, some of her concerns are universal.


Vaginal hysterectomy is te surgical procedure for removing uterus through vagina. The vaginal hysterectomy involves shorter time in hospital, lower cost as well as faster recovery than does common alternative, the abdominal hysterectomy. But, in case, your uterus is enlarged, then vaginal hysterectomy might not be likely.

Any kind of the hysterectomy generally includes the removal of cervix and uterus, all along with one and both ovaries or fallopian tubes. These organs are situated in the pelvis & are a part of reproductive system.

Why it is done

Vaginal hysterectomy treats a lot of different gynecologic problems, which includes:

* Fibroids. Lots of hysterectomies are performed to permanently treat the fibroids — the benign tumors in uterus that will cause the persistent bleeding, pelvic pain, anemia, pain during the intercourse as well as bladder pressure. In case, you have the large fibroids, then you might need the abdominal hysterectomy.

* Endometriosis. Endometriosis happens when tissue lining the uterus (endometrium) grows outside of uterus, and involving ovaries, fallopian tubes and other organs. Majority of the women with the endometriosis have abdominal hysterectomy, however at times the vaginal hysterectomy is likely.

* Gynecologic cancer. In case, you have cancer of uterus, endometrium, cervix, and ovaries, doctor might suggest the hysterectomy to treat that. Majority of time, the abdominal hysterectomy is performed during the treatment for the ovarian cancer, however at times the vaginal hysterectomy are appropriate for the women with the cervical cancer and endometrial cancer.

* Uterine prolapse. While the pelvic supporting tissues & ligaments stretched out and weak, uterus will descend and sag in vagina, and causing the urinary incontinence, the pelvic pressure and difficulty with the bowel movements. Also, removing uterus with the hysterectomy & repairing pelvic relaxation might relieve these symptoms.

* Abnormal vaginal bleeding. While the medication or less invasive surgical treatment does not control irregular, heavy and long periods, and hysterectomy will solve problems.

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