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Vasectomy Bangkok – Great Solution through Excellent Surgeons!

What is the vasectomy procedure?

Selecting to have a vasectomy procedure should not be a perfect decision taken smoothly. One fact to keep in mind is that while not completely permanent, it is possible to preserve the process; the patient’s chances of drawing patients pregnant reduce even after preserves. Also the price of reversal are much high than the vasectomy procedure itself so the patient would do well to consider all your options before selecting to have a vasectomy procedure.

What a Vasectomy Procedure Entails?

There are most vasectomies are performed in the patient’s experts or family planning clinic. The patient and patient’s partner should move to initial consult together and discuss the risks the vasectomy procedure has and potential problem.

How long has procedure around?

Since late 19th century and first published study in effects of the ligating vas deferens was been published at London. It did not start out as the family planning – and it began as the method to control the unwanted sections of the society like “Delinquents, degenerates, the drug habitues & idiots”. Procedure started being often performed for purposes of the family planning in USA in 1940’s, as well as in majority of West that it came in the common use in late 1960’s.

In 1890’s vasectomy was been suggested as alternative to current practice of the castration for enlarged prostate. At 1918 it was named “Steinarching”, as well as used to give hormone boost, which was “proven” increasing the intellect & sexual performance. The Sigmund Freud & William Butler Yeats were those “Steinarched” and it was also reported that closer to testes ligation was, more hormone production was been stimulated and it was used for “Cure” an excessive masturbation!

Does that hurt?

Most men report procedure as “Uncomfortable” and worst part for some is anaesthetic to be administered (about same as the injection at a dentist) and hair growing back itches. More info is found in checklist, or else in online survey.

I actually do not like needles – are there alternative methods to administer anesthetic?

Yes. However, it is not available everywhere, and thus you may have to check out the availability with doctor. It is very commonly referred as the “No Needle” anesthesia. In case, you are old, then think how they used administering the medicines in original Star Trek by placing the device against skin & effectively spraying that. Hollow needle was introduced first at 1853, and first jet to administer medications came 13 years later, and so technique is not at all new.

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