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Breast reduction Thailand is a very viable option today for any woman considering Breast reduction Thailand surgery.


Vaser Hi-Def Bangkok – Works For Both Sexes!


The Vaser Hi-Def is an advance and high end surgical procedure that attaches cutting edge technology with sate of the art techniques, resulting in a natural, sculpted appearance.

What are the Advantages of Vaser Hi-Def?

  • Much fat can be removed by the Vaser Hi-Def, with minimal blood loss leading to smooth and faster recovery
  • It helps the experts to perform large procedures with less exertion
  • Gristly areas such as back, male chest, female breast, and abdomen can be treated easily.

How the procedure performed?

While the first stage of procedure will start that time the patient can be undergone local or general anesthesia, and the surgery time not more than 1 to 3 hours. The patient can be discharged after the operation or operation next day.

How is VADHL very different from the liposuction?

VADHL goes beyond fat removal & achieving the inch loss, which is associated traditionally with the liposuction. Also, it involves the intimate knowledge of patient’s muscular anatomy & natural contours, for making slim, toned as well as natural look.

It means great appearance for torso, back, arms, buttocks as well as thighs, which otherwise long hours of the gym work & severe dieting will create.

How is the VADHL done?

It involves usual bulk removal of the fat with vaser Liposelection and this is been followed by the detailed sculpting procedure following patient’s natural muscular anatomy. The thin layer of the adipose tissues is then left behind in a few areas whereas more is removed in others, and to make beautiful shadowing result, which gives toned appearance.

Is this the cheating?

Interestingly, the patients who have underwent the high definition vaser, and became motivated to exercise in gym as well as were heath conscious after. Distinct improvements in the bodies’ appearances have strong motivating effect fr encouraging them to lead the healthier lifestyle.

What are risks of VADHL?

VADHL does not impose any of the additional risks of the major complications and when compared to the traditional vaser liposelection.

What if person gains weight?

There is some flexibility –in case, your weight gain doesn’t exceed ten pounds then you can still maintain definition sculpted. But in case, significant weight gain happens, you can lose the definition.

How long is recovery?

VADHL don’t impose the significant longer recovery when compared to the traditional vaser liposelection. But, there are specific post vaser recovery for the high definition that our doctors may discuss with you and it can speed up the recovery & put back at a gym faster.

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