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Wireless Capsule Endoscopy – Right Time for Cure!


The modern wireless capsule endoscopy techniques have revolutionized treatment process of various diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract and the colon. The final remaining frontier has been the small intestine.

What is wireless capsule endoscopy?

The wireless capsule endoscopy is a technology that are used a swallowed video capsule to take photograph of the interior of the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. For the wireless capsule endoscopy, the intestines are first cleared of residual food and bacterial debris with the use of laxatives and the purges very widest pill is swallowed by the patient. The endoscopy capsule contains one to two chips video chips a stomach, and small intestine, and it makes photographs rapidly. So as to, the patient can be preferred to this techniques for solving the problem at Bangkok. While wireless capsule endoscopy was also bring up, and fears that capsule are become impacted reasons and early medically protocols for excluding any of the patients with the hint of earlier aubacute barrier disease. In the realty a few patients with the Crohn’s disease were involved inadvertently in the early studies as symptoms of the problem are subtle. Wireless capsule endoscopy in the short time has also acquired well introduced role in investigation of the patients with the recurrent bleeding of an obscure origin with the colonoscopy fail revealing of a source.

How is it performed?

Wireless capsule endoscopy has performed well & good when compared with the bowel radiology. By this process you may have better solution to fix the problem in a best way. Modern endoscopic treatments have the revolutionized diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, and duodenum) & colon. Last remaining frontier is the small intestine and small intestine is very difficult organ to make the diagnoses as well as treat without performing surgery. The radiological treatments, and specifically upper series with small bowel follow, which involves the following barium as that passes through intestine with xray films, and are accessible for diagnosis, but these radiological treatments are time consuming and are not accurate to identify small tumors and other subtle abnormalities of the small intestine. The demand for an improved capabilities in the small intestine is very less as the minority of intestinal diseases involve the small intestine beyond the reach of upper gastrointestinal endoscope and colonoscope. Nevertheless, the improved diagnostic as well as therapeutic abilities in the small intestine are useful, primarily in the uncovering causes of abdominal pain, anemia as well as diarrhea, due to intestinal loss of blood and diagnosing diseases, which may involve small intestine, for example, the Crohn’s disease. Newer technologies that expands diagnostic abilities in the small intestine is capsule endoscopy known as wireless capsule endoscopy.

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