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Yanhee International Hospital – Change the Lifestyle of Patients!

At Yanhee, everyone can looks more beautiful, especially those with inborn defects or those who provide where born with less natural beauty and for those who already born with beautiful look. This hospital helps the patient to solve any natural defect to feel better about them. Through Yanhee everyone wants to look attractive in order to enhance self esteem and confidence, to cover the way for a more contended life. It is recognized worldwide as the leader in the cosmetic surgery field. It has 120 medical experts and beauty services.

What are the centers of this hospital?

In this way, it has different types of clinic centers and these are:


  • Weight Loss Center
  • Plastic surgery Center
  • Skin Center
  • Hair center
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Center

Now, Yanhee International Hospital is a leading & biggest center for the beauty & wellness. Roots of Yanhee International Hospital generally go back to year 1984. Also, at this time Dr. Sumritvanitcha founded the PolyClinic for the outpatients. Five years, Yanhee PolyClinic also expanded to the 30 bed hospital in the new building & location. From this humble beginning, the Yanhee has also grown last 23 years to what that is now: major center for the Health and Beauty Internationally established Yanhee International Hospital.

What Are The Facilities Available At This Hospital?

To be able to cover increasing demand in area of beauty & wellness, the additional new building with around 200 beds is to be built right now. In Yanhee International Hospital you as the patient are in very good hands. Team of the surgeons & doctors has a vast international experience. Nurses as well as rest of staff are friendly & service oriented. All the nurses that are working in International Ward speak English and in case, needed the interpreters for important languages are also available. Patient rooms are comfortable furnished and in case, desired then there are as well the VIP rooms that are available.

Below you can find a few key date about Yanhee International Hospital

  • 12 operating theatre
  • 400 beds
  • ICU with around 20 beds
  • 35 operating rooms (and for the ambulant surgeries)
  • 95 examination rooms
  • Hospital is also ISO 9001 certified
  • Daily 1500 & 2000 outpatients go in & out
  • Daily over 165 inpatients are also coming for the treatment
  • Monthly there are 3600 & 5300 beauty surgeries that are carried out
  • Around 120 fulltime doctors
  • Around 125 part -time doctors
  • And 200 graduated nurses
  • With 950 employees in the administration, and service etc.
  • Around30 persons form management team
  • In total hospital has over 1400 employees

Yanhee International Hospital has four main departments:

– Beauty & Wellness (Beauty Center)

– General Medicine

– Dental Center

– Naturopathic Medicine

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